Single window 360° interface to manage your institution.
Check out our application demonstration video below
Generate 360 ° view for group of classes & dates.
Create view with our array of filters.
Single window approach
View broader spectrum of areas as HR, Leaves, attendance, substitution etc. in one window.
Biometric mapping with period info.
No hassle in planning substitutions .
Leave mapping
Comprehensive view of teachers on leave inside single RGB model
Class arrangements / Substitutions mapping
Comprehensive view of class substitutions.
Detailed information of class attendance & attendance type
Identify attendance type regular or substitute
Aggregate overview of attendance
Class attendance percentages, total absentees & more.
What's being taught & by whom
Keep track of what is being taught & by whom. Class taken by & subject taught
Notify coordinators for low attendance
Help class coordinators by notifying for poor class attendance.
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